Monday, July 20, 2009

I need one of these

I'm in no rush to get a biking jersey, they seem really handy as they have pockets on the back so you can grab stuff you might want while riding snacks and what not. The problem with them is they are meant to be rather tight fitting and at this point my torso does not need to be shown off for the world. Plus they are freaking expensive as a cheap one is $45 and can easily cost double that. Next year I plan on having a body that I don't mind people seeing, the idea that I could really do that still amazes me but that is the goal. So I'm screwing around and saw some beer jersey's, now that seems fitting. I figure you have immediately lower expectations from other riders if you're wearing a beer jersey. Unfortunately they didn't have many brands of beer I like and most of them looked like normal jerseys which is exactly the look I'd like to avoid.

But I would totally rock this
(next year - not sure what size yet)
Or if I felt like being less offensive, hey it happens occasionally, then this is also a good one. Actually I like their beer better.Either one, or both would make a great christmas present.

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