Monday, August 29, 2005

check this one out, i couldn't finsh reading it

I'm warning you, you will be offended. but please read it before my comments
First I know this isnt the view of most christians so please dont attack me for that.
Ok im all for freedom of speech but i guess that even I have a limit, this is just wrong. I dont think anyone on either side can argue for this group, unless maybe your even more for free speech than I am. This isnt even a legal issue this is just human decency, you just dont do that. Im really not sure what kind of punishment you give to people like this. Hmm...
Ok they obviously hate homosexuality. strap them into chairs force there eyes open and make them watch gay porn for like 72 hours straight, oh and feed them some LSD too just to make it more interesting. hey cruel and unusual is bad but creative punishment that fits the crime seems like a good idea to me. Im sure people wont like my idea for the punishment but you have to agree that this small group of people, who by the way are NOT affiliated with any major church denomination, deserve some kind of punishment for this heinous act. Man I didnt think that I believed in any form of censorship, leave it to a church to offend me that much... really I can't think of many times I've ever been offended before. but this has me kinda pissed.


echotig said...

The religious group is just a "Reverend" and his immediate family. Trying to get themselves mentioned in the paper. And they have learned the best way to do that is to protest the war, in any sick form they can. Read the bottom part of the article. Read between the lines(because you have to these days.) Its all about the headlines.

sandy said...

I think echotig is right. It's like Jesse Jackson running to where the media is.

If we didn't have kooks like this then we would not have anything to blog about.

Now I personally do not hate gays or lesbians, but I do not approve of their lifestyle.

I think a better punishment for those people would be to have to listen to their 'Uh Reverend" 24 hrs a day for 30 days. Maybe Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton and Louis Farachan can make a guest appearence.

Kilgore Trout said...

yeah I agree they probably are only trying to get attention,maybe to build there church following. And yes reading between the lines is extremely important. I showed this to a buddy of mine and he used my argument against me, he agreed that it was wrong but defended them using my own words from a different topic. what a bastard. I was also amazed in reading it to see that they had proper permits to protest. if i was the family i would protest whoever gave them that permit. And while listening to jesse jackson al sharpton and... oh wait i was about to say that they might not mind listening to these guys cause they are reverends then i realised they were all black reverends. now saddly i assumed they were white and if they hate gays that much they may be racist as well, but did it ever even say that they were white? Im not saying that anyone who doesnt agree with homosexuality is also a racist but these guys take gay bashing to an extreme so I wouldnt be shocked if they disliked a lot of different groups.

CA said...

"The church, which is not affiliated with a larger denomination, is made up mostly of Phelps' children, grandchildren and in-laws."

This church sounds like the original Muslim church; you know, mohammed and his family. Look out 1600 years from now!