Monday, August 29, 2005

there is an answer

there is an answer to my question about why didnt the US millitary help to evacuate people from New Orleans. It would seem that the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq instead of helping to guard the nation... hmm...
Ok I had heard that part second hand, only 35% of the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq. 6,500 people were still there. Figure if you could get 2500 duce and a half trucks down there with a conservative 10 people in the back of each thats 25 thousand people out of harms way. more likely using those trucks to shuttle people to the Air Force base near New Orleans and using the C5's and other transport planes would work better. ok so im back to square one. i still want to know why someone else didnt think of this. that was the first thing I thought when i saw people stuck there. there are people paid to think of these things, hell they were on TV all last night. how was getting everyone out not part of the evacuation plan? and as long as im pouring salt in a wound thats still being cut, it should be pointed out that Bush cut spending on the levees that help protect that area. yes these were cuts for next year but the irony is horrible.
Then theres the issue of tapping the federal reserve of oil because a large amount of our nations oil comes in through Louisiana and is refined there, I hope the fact that those reserves are in texas and louisiana doesnt hurt anything. talk about shitty luck. Im sure they will use the reserves, they did after Ivan struck last year.
Of course the people who went to the superdome to get away from the storm arent really worried about oil prices as the roof is being ripped off. Im sure there small peices but that still sucks. Ok so this is a terrible natural disaster that is still happening but it really seems like they could have had all the people out who wanted to leave. thats all im saying.


LibraryTavern Liz said...

excellent point about the National Guard. I have argued for a long time that my second amendment rights have been violated by sending the National Guard troops to Iraq.

echotig said...

His point , Liz, was that the National Guard is doing what they were meant to do. He didn't mean to make that point, but thats the fact.

The National Guard is not the Red Cross. Evacuating people is not their primary purpose. When you were in the armed forces, did you cover logistics? Or did you miss that day?

The levees are for the Mississippi river, not meant to hold back the tide!

Arthur , it seems like you are reading bits and pieces of other blogs and other stories and hardly researching for yourself if anything is true or not. Stories are written by people, and as you know, people lie. Most people have agendas. You can't believe everything you read. Life doesn't work that way. You seem to have it half right half of the time. I think there is hope for you yet.

sandy said...

Did you see on the news all the cars and trucks stuck on the Highway leading out of New Orleans? A lot of people wisely went to the Dome. I don't know if the National Guard would have helped in that situation. They would need more time to organize and implement an evacuation.

I think the people there had time to leave of their own accord but procrastinated. And CA is right, theNG would have to be called up by the Gov.

Kilgore Trout said...

you said i had it half right, which half? I was under the impression that The National Guard was here to guard the country when the other millitary was out of the counrty. People I know that are/were in the National Guard said they were told they would never leave the country becuase that was there mission. If disaster relief is part of there mission, and im thankful that it is. Then why is helping with evacuation such an odd strech of the imagination? I was probably wrong to blame this on Bush, im sure your right that it is the govenor that calls the national guard. I will say that if Bush had called him and told him to and offered to give them money, because it may save money during the rescue missions after, then i bet Louisiana would have called in its troops.