Wednesday, August 24, 2005

damn drugs

man now i remeber why i dont take medicine, it was just simple allergy meds and some OTC thing for my asthma that has been acting up bad lately. its weird now i can breath but i cant think. im a pretty big fan of both of these functions. I also dont like the allergy medicine because it has an ampetamine in it. im not sure people realise just how common speed really is in OTC meds. most things that say non drowsy means that the medicine you need will put you to sleep so they add something to keep you away. I realise that the stuff in suddafed isnt the same as the speed you get from some drug dealer on the corner, but its not that far off either. thats why all the meth makers buy or steal suddafed to make that crap. Theres an area not far from where i live that just got called meth valley, theres been a shit load of people busted for making meth, half of them seem to get caught when there home burns donw and then they find out what was going on. stupid people. I mean really of all the recreational drugs meth is just nasty shit redneck crack is one deffinition ive heard. Its an anyoing spot to bein be able to breath and be alseep or be able to breath but on a drug that i dont want o be on. im particularly against any speed for myself having a family history of heart problems. look at the ingredients in medicine and all im saying ius know what your taking. I dont trust the drug companys, they used to sell straight up amphetamines as a diet pill. it worked ever seen a fat speed junkie? i think not. Any way im not pulling a tom cruise here and saying stop taking all medicne i just think to many people dont look into what they're taking. thats about enough bullshit for one post.

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