Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson tried as a terrorist?

An interesting article about Pat Robertson saying that the US should assainate the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. They vice pres of Venezuela said this is a terrorist statement and that he should be tried for the crime. As much as id love to see Robertson behind bars for being a terrorist i have to say this is a case of freedom of speech. As much as I dislike what he said theres few things I dispise like censorship. theres a reason why it is the first amendement in the bill of rights. It does show how we love talking shit about muslim extreamist but when a fundamentalist christian makes a statement that is on the same level as kill the infadels we dont see a problem with that. christian fundamentalists scare me more than there muslim counterparts. one last thing, there was a joke on which is a great website, asking how different citys were trying to increase security against terrorist attack. One of the citys it said was putting up lightning rods all over town because your more likely to be killed by lighting than by a terrorist. now this is a joke, the onion is all fake news but its still funny.

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