Monday, August 29, 2005

The Flying Spagetti Monster

Now thats funny, its a website making fun of the kansas board of education thats making sure that children learn both evolution and "inteligent design". do they learn the hindu creating story as well? how about the Iraqouis creation story, where we are all living on the back of a giant turtle. it may not be the most scientific theory but its a lot more entertaining story than the christian one which is just a drawn out way of saying god made all. its really kinda a dull story. so this group called the church of the flying spagetti monster says that a giant ball of spagetti, that flys of course created the world. and there for kansas schools should teach that theory as well. its a funny website I only took a quick look at it but it looks like theres some other good stuff there. I think i saw a graph saying that global warming is due to lack of pirates. the earths temperature has been going up and the number of pirates has been going down. maybe there on to something... anyway a funny site, will probably piss of a bunch of fundamentalist christians which is kinda the point.

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