Monday, August 29, 2005

Ah the Big A

now heres a touchy subject. And honestly not one I find myself thinking about very often. But here it goes. Ok Abortion, yes it should be legal, but yes it is used more often than i believe it should. limiting how far along in the pregnancy it can be done, ok. those second two points most people seem to agree on.
the morning after pill, a great idea. if it was a mistake you can take care of it before it is an issue. having them available OTC is great, means that people who cant afford a doctor can help themselves before they need a very expensive procedure. I dont know what it costs but if you cant afford the regular doctors visit than you sure cant afford the abortion. they claim that as many as half of all abortions could be prevented if the morning after pill is made available OTC. I will say that they should change the name, Plan B just makes it seem like a viable option instead of regular birth control.
So then you get into the people who are dead set against any form of abortion. the so called "right to life" groups. Right to life is fine if you really believe that any human life is sacred and should be protected. This means that if you claim to be right to life you damn well better be against this war and any other, you better believe that the death penalty is immoral. Taking it a step further "right to life" folks should be trying to help feed poor children help with shelters for the homeless. If you are "right to life" then stand proud and tell the government that the money we spent on this war could have funded every anti-hunger campain in the word for the next 7 years, or immunizations for everychild on earth for the next 60 years. these are issues that both sides can agree on, we can tackle the abortion issue seperate. Let us get together liberals and "right to life" and end hunger today, unless maybe some of those so called "right to life" folks dont really care about life.
I bet i get a post or two outta this one. people will claim that there not the same issue, one is an inoccent life while the death penalty is a criminal. which is fine untill the justice system lets one inoccent person die and then it ruins that case. or that killing in war is different because they are the enemy, well i will then have to ask about the thousands of non-combatants, thousands of children, were they not innocent lives? im not really sure how one would argue that feeding starving children is not a "right to life" issue. I'll use their argument if you kill a child after less than 72 hours that is a horrible attrocity, but if you let the child be born and brought into a society where the child starves to death thats not a tragety on a grander scale? I dont necasarily mean our own society because were talking about right to life, not right to american life. If your going to use a term like "right to life" to make your side sound like the morally correct one then realise that you should hold true to the meaning of the words and protect life, if you really wanted you could even try to improve the lives of a few needy people but thats not manditory, protect life not only through birth for that is only the start. if your going to protect life than you should be trying to help that child untill they are old enought to decide for themselves. In my book if you claim that every life is sacred and your not fighting for programs to feed every hungry child on earth, sorry american lives arent the only ones that count, then you are quite frankly a hypocrite.

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