Tuesday, August 23, 2005

havent posted in a few days

Ok ive been slacking on my page, mostly because i have been having some pretty good discusions on Sandys Page. It is a rather right wing group that posts there, but thats why its fun. telling liberals about all the bad things bush has done is easy. Try telling a retired marine that all war is wrong and killing is always murder, now thats a challenge. And the only way we can move forward is together and right now this country is bitterly divided. Ive heard a few say that this is the most divided the country has been since the civil war, theres a scary thought. So my goal is to try to convince a few right wingers to swing our way, or if nothing else to at least open up a few minds to think about what the other side has to say. One important thing is not to attack someone elses post, that just leads to name calling and thats not going to help anyone. I try to agree with the parts that I agree with and then state why I oppose the rest of the comment. I feel that agreeing with part helps us to realise that while we disagree there is some common ground and even the most hardcore right winger may still have some good ideas. I think im going to put a link to Sandys Page it will have a warning that its a conservative blog. ok thats about all for now.

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