Friday, August 19, 2005

good ol' Cheney

"As a nation born in revolution we believe, and we know, that tyranny must be
opposed and ended, that cruelty and violence must be answered, not with
indifference but with justice, that innocent captives deserve to be liberated,
and that every person on this earth has a yearning to be free." - Dick Cheney

I really like the irony of talking about violence must be answered, not with indifference but with justice. as Cindy Sheehan sits waiting for an answer to the violence. I could keep going but id rather leave you to think about that one. I got to the page with that speech for go check it out sometime, its in the links.


sandy said...

I thought about it and I don't see the connection.
Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother who wants Bush to tell her why her son died. At one time she supported Bush and all of a sudden she's a protester.

Her own husband told her what she was doing does not dignify their son. I don't really know who's right, but why should the President meet with her again. Yes, Again.

Kilgore Trout said...

you cant see the irony of the vice president saying that violence must be meet with justice not indifference while the president rides his bike around instead of talking to the mother of a man killed by his war? I really dont expect Bush to talk with Mrs. Sheehan. In Bush's deffence he wont talk to her because if he did, then every other person who has a problem with him, and thats more than half the country right now, might try the same thing. And the only thing i have to get angry about is that she "all of the sudden" is a protest. I think having your child killed is a justifiable reason to rethink your position on an issue. And I know she has already meet with him once I think everyone knows that. Anyway Id like to thank you for the comment and it being presented in a civilized manner not simple name calling like what always seems to happen in these debates.

sandy said...

Your welcome. Come by anytime to comment on my blog. You will be treated with the same respect you show.

The monkey asked for and received just due. You on the other hand have put forth your argument in a dignified manner and have been treated accordenly. We can dsiagree in a friendly manner.

I still think Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother who is being used by the Bush haters.

BTW, don't worry too much about spelling errors. I am probably the worst speller around and I don't mind if they are pointed out. We all (most of us) learn from our mistakes.