Friday, August 26, 2005

Hugo Chavez

Now i see why we want to take this bastard out. this guy won the popular election has a 70% approval rating in his country and is using profits from the national oil company, Citgo as we know it, to help build schools and hospitals in the poor parts of the country. we need to take this guy out what if everyone started thinking that not all profits should be sucked up by a few multibillionaires? that would be the end of the world. I mean Pat Robertson got it right, Jesus would be all about assasinating a guy that tried to feed the meak. I mean this guy brought in 20,000 doctors from Cuba in excange for cheap oil to that country. were supposed to be blocking Cuba to make sure those commies all starve to death. I mean really, helping Castro? That guy really tried to help the poor, he failed because he pissed off american companies by giving their land to the people, and we all know what happens if you anger american companies, especialy in the US controlled half of the world. This guy even travels around the country talking to the people imagine that, talking with ordinary people to try to see what can be fixed. im cant believe the CIA hasent removed this guy, well ok they did once but he was returned to power by the people with help from the millitary. And we did try to influence the election but he still won easily. this son of a bitch has the support of the people, democracy isnt supposed to work like that. a few super-rich hold all the power thats democracy baby, yeah!

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Kilgore Trout said...

I really hope no one agrees with this, im not sure i could lay the sarcasim on any thicker.