Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

First I have to say that I hope the best for anyone in the path of this or any other hurricane. I havent seen anything saying that the levees have been breached so I have to assume that as of writing this they are still holding. But now I have to ask a question. How is it that we can move thousands of troops half way around the world in a week and yet went the people of New Orleans were told to leave those without cars had to stay behind in the sports arena? it the worst had happend which it appears it has not, they would have been trapped there. we can spend 250 billion dollars a year on our millitary, not counting the war, and they couldnt sent a convoy down and get those people out of harms way? we couldnt be bothered to send our transport planes down and help evacuate the city? Im sorry I know that theres a war on but this war is supposed to be to defend americans, why then dont we bother to directly defent those americans in direct peril? I know there wasnt a lot of time but in 3 days we could have gotten the remainder of people out if we had wanted to. there is only one reason I can think of any i really hope that im wrong because as much as I distain Bush I hope he isnt this low. the only thing I can think of is that there would have been no way to make a profit off of it. And another thing I hate to point out is that from the video of people lined up to go into the superdome almost all of them were african-americans. ive never been to New Orleans, maybe thats is an accurate picture of the diversity of the people there. but i would be willing to bet that this is not the case, and that like everyother city in the US there are more poor people of color per capita than white. Therefor they were not able to leave so we sent them to the statium which is now leaking on them. Why didnt we get them out of the city? like usual its rugged individualism for the masses and government assistance for the rich. If someone can give me a more logical reason as to why we did not help to evacuate all the people of New Orleans, I would deeply apreciate it. This time I hope im wrong.

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Kilgore Trout said...

"Our Gulf coast is getting hit, and hit hard. I want the folks there on the Gulf coast to know that the federal government is prepared to help you when the storm passes," Bush said.

Thats our president always there to help after the damage has been done.