Sunday, August 28, 2005

and now a lawsuit I disagree with

The University of California is being sued because it set standards that any incoming students must have certain basic knowlege. This seems logical enough, we shouldnt have to waste college professors time teaching students things that they should have learned in highschool. That way the whole class isnt slowed trying to teach a few people who did not get a proper education, I assume then that they would be expected to go to community college for a year or two or maybe just a GED? But the lawsuit comes from the fact that many religous schools dont teach science they teach faith instead. I see why the religous schools are mad but really I have to support the state on this one. Not all children will recieve the same education, but they should all learn certain basic facts. Many religous people claim that evolution is only a theory and so it shouldnt be taught in school, well gravity is only a theory too but most people seem to think its right. Religions are also only theorys which is why theres so many of them. I mean even within one religion theres dozens of different theorys that we call sects. I spent to much time picking on the christians and I will stop. as soon as they stop attacking science, freedom and other religions. Untill then fuck em, Ill keep making fun of them.

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