Sunday, August 28, 2005

the meek shall inherit....

Now thats funny, this guy is a preacher for a "non-profit" church and hes pulling in over a million dollars a year has a 1.4 million dollar home and a brand new bentley. I guess im really confused over what the christians believe in. meek inherit the earth? nah god hit me on the celly the other night and was all like yo foget all that about helping the less fortunate, what we really need is a hot whip. God was all about it, big pimpin.
ok I shouldnt judge, oh wait why not. he gave himself almost as much of the money as he have to help charities, 3.07 mill vs 3.10 mill. this guy should go to jail, im not quite sure what law it breaks but theres got to be one for ripping off a "non-profit" organization, or else just start taxing churches. oh that will get me shot. so it goes.


Kilgore Trout said...

"Bishop Long has never received the legal amount of compensation he is due by law," said Epstein, a Philadelphia lawyer specializing in church law and producer of a video for pastors called "How to Maximize Your Clergy Salary and Benefits Package."

how to maximize you clergy salary, what? I though the clergy was supposed to be most interested in helping other people not profits. if this isnt a sign that this whole society is fucked than i dont know what is.

Kilgore Trout said...

oh great i just realised that this is a black minister, that makes that whole thing about god whating a hot whip sound rasict. it was only ment to put it in modern terms. oh well im not going to appologise. to use the ministers own words.