Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Political Music

There has been a bit of a buzz around because apprently a new Rolling Stones song has a measage about the war. Im not sure if this is a sign of things finially getting bad enough that even major bands start putting political measages into there songs, or is it a sign that we have become so fearfull of our government that its a big deal when a major act does have something to say. That was poorly worded. It wasnt that long ago that there were many songs that actually had a measage, and there have been all along, just not in the main stream. One of my favorite bands is NOFX they have done a great many songs about current events. there latest album is called War on Errorism and is worth checking out for the cd art alone. theres a song called franco unamerican that is an instant classic in my opinion. Its a song that mentions Noan Chomsky, Howard Zinn, the book Fast Food Nation, quickly mentions Globalization not bad for punk song. Punk rock gets atacked alot although not so much now that theres a whole generation of crap out right now, but if you look at almost any of the punk bands from the 70's and 80's you will see a stagering number of political songs. And most are not just saying go anarchy, cause lets face it people just cant be trusted without a government and a system of laws. Of course when the government is no longer trusted by the majority then where do you turn? This was not a very well thought out post, oh well im new at this, havent done creative writing a few years and i sucked at it then too.

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