Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More problems in Iraq

This is from an article on Its about people smuggling oil out of Iraq and the money the "government" is losing. It then gets into how they're trying to stop this smuggling. Its an all right article about more issues in Iraq. There was one line that I found particularly revealing.

"Realizing the problem, the Coalition Provisional Authority decided that it
needed to remove the subsidies, which were inherited from Iraq's
state-controlled economy. Besides fuel, Iraqis receive a subsidized monthly food
ration, which takes up another quarter of the government's budget. Fertilizers,
industrial products and electricity are also subsidized"

Man sure wouldn't want people getting food subsidized. What are they thinking letting people eat, they should all be tried for treason. What level has the news fallen to when we can seriously try to justify not helping to feed people because they are losing money to stolen oil? Halliburton might lose some money from stolen oil so lets stop helping to feed people? Maybe I'm taking this to far. Are profits really that important?

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