Wednesday, August 31, 2005

That Bastard Chavez Again

Now he wants to try to lower the cost of Oil to poor communities in the US. who does he think he is? trying to help the poor in his own country makes the CIA try to over throw you. Bringing in doctors from Cuba to help in poor hospitals get death threats from christians. What does he think is going to happen if he tries to help americas poor? He really does have a death wish. Its only 10% of the oil that comes to the US from Venevuela that will be subsidied. Thats funny the Veneuzelian government is trying to subsidies Oil to try to help the poor people of the worlds only superpower. Ok subsidise isnt how they put it, they said lowering price by direct sales. we cut out the middle man. Can we elect Chavez as our president? He might have done some bad things too, no one is perfect, but his worse is nothing compared to what our president has done, and he seems genuinly interested in helping the less fortunate.


echotig said...

If Americans allowed other Americans to build refineries, we'd have all the oil we could ever need.(No new refineries since you've been alive! no new in 25 years.) The oil is here! Its right here! You know exactly why this is happening. Its SICKENING that we are dependent on foreign oil because the LEFT in our country want to control the production of oil, for "environmental" reasons. Look, the environment struck back! What a wake up call. Capitalism is not a dirty word. Commerce makes the world go 'round. Businesses create jobs. The Left wants us all to be dependent on them and their government programs. Its a subtle slavery.

CA said...

Art, you're a sick kid.

Anonymous said...

Hey...if you want Chavez as your president then the only thing left for you to do is ...Move to Venezuela. Not Venevuelva. Not sure where that is.