Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Domestic Terrorism

This is quite the article, talks about domestic terrorism. Mentions that The Congressional Quarterly, , looked in domestic terrorism and said that the only real threat is from the radical environmentalists and animal rights groups. While there are several animal rights and environmentalist groups that have damaged quite a bit of property, they have not killed anyone. Then they list the 60 terrorist plots by right wing hate groups, I mean real hate groups like the Nazis and what not not the half ass hate groups like republicans and catholics. The center for homeland security has the reports of these 60 plots over the last 10 years that have been stopped by the FBI and friends. Admittedly some of these are simple assasination plots like what Pat Robertson called for, while some are far larger plots intent on killing many people. I dispise hate groups for several reasons the biggest one is really the idea of people being that easily munipulated. But I agree that these people can say and preach what ever they want, but when they start acting these things out they should be thrown in jail for a very long time, which it apears that the FBI is doing a pretty good job of stopping them, if there has been that many plots and no successful major attacks in a while. Its an interesting article worth a quick read, i read a few of the different cases, and when are people going to learn to stop videotaping themselfs commiting crimes??

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