Monday, August 29, 2005

Thomas Paines Corner

This is a great blog, doesnt look like get gets a whole lot of visitors which is to bad, he really is a great writer. Its in my links if you want to check it out. He has several interesting articles one of which even includeds a viable exit strategy for Iraq, think about that. Hell our government hasnt even come up with one of those. Im not sure his strategy is perfect but its a good start. its a lot more viable that "stay the course" thats just a slogan for I'm all out of moves.
He reminded me of a few things i had wanted to ask one of which I think I'll leave as a sperate post. One is a question for Sandy and crew. I keep hearing about Jane Fonda. I know she was a strong anti-wat protester but what exactly did she do that was so terriblt that she is still being mentioned today?

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