Tuesday, August 30, 2005

whistleblowers arent supposed to be martyrs

Mrs. Bunnatine Greenhouse has been demoted this week for doing her job to well. She told her boss that the millitary contract with Halliburton was not done properly, they told her it was ok and to stop asking questions. she continued asking questions so she was demoted. They claim it is because of her record that they demoted her, and its a coincedence that her record was steller up untill she started questioning certain large millitary contracts. It is really a discrace when we begin punishing people for not falling in line behind the corprate elite. Supposedly, this country was founded on the idea of the people having the power. In school they told us that democracy was a good way to make sure that a few people did not become all powerfull. obviously this was also bullshit, like many things they teach you in school. Any way back to the issue, she should be given an award or two and a promotion. Although because of her service record she had moved up to the highest position for a civilian in her field. so maybe only a raise instead of a promotion. how can we get the corporations out of politics?

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Terry said...

I agree with you one hundred percent. The world has gone flippo.