Thursday, September 22, 2005

Judge Manson

This seems like a logical nomination for a supreme court justice, Charles Manson. Bush seems to think that the people guilty of crimes are the best suited to check and see if any crimes were commited. fox watching the hen house maybe? This is not an attack against Roberts incase any slow republicans are reading this. Roberts is a differnent matter altogther and not for this post. No this is an attack against the idea of putting bush in charge of over seeing what went wrong with Katrina, this is about republicans sorta looking into the Karl Rove teason issue, this is about Bush putting a texaco lawyer in charge of the Gas Price Gouging investigation. WTF can we just fire every politician and start over. throw out all the laws go back to the constitution and that thing we dont read any more oh whats it called, oh yeah the bill of rights. maybe start all overagain with those. get a whole new batch of congressmen and women. new leaders all around. Its like when your computer starts getting viruses. you put norton on it or mcaffe or what ever but eventually things get in past the checks and balances. files become corrupted and soon your congress, i mean computer cant even perform the most basic tasks. so you reformat it. You wipe everything clean and start over. It takes a little bit of time and effort, and you have to bear with not having a computer/government for alittle while but once its back up and running it runs so much quicker. I think its time to reformat the government.

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