Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What a concept

Last year another nation was struck by a catagory 5 hurricane. they had to evacuate 1.5 million people. durring this hurricane though, no one died. where could this have been to be able to move that many people in short notice? must have been a rich and prosperius nation where the government is efficient enough and trusted enough to be able to get the people out of harms way. It must be a nation where the leaders actualy care about the lives of the common people. hmm.. where could this be? maybe japan? nope it would be call a typhoon anyway. think about that a country that not only learns about what damage may be caused by natural disasters but then does some thing about it. they came up with evacuation plans and then Practiced them! when they sent people to shelters the shelters had food water and even medical personel. thats silly it makes more sence just to sent them to a football field. Think about this when this country was hit there wasnt any looting. the people all felt like they were in it together, and they didnt have to wait 5 days for water so they didnt need to loot to survive. yes New Orleans was bad because of it geography but things didnt have to happen the way they did. This great country was able to have its leaders get on TV and other media and tell the people what to do, and the people actually listened because they trust there leaders. As apposed to our leaders who played golf for a few more days before finaly cutting his five week vaction short by a day or two. so any guesses as to what country this could be?

Its Cuba.
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