Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Book Report

I read Noam Chomsky's Imperial Ambitions a few days ago, It was a collection of interviews he has done recently. It is great Chomsky, if your a fan then read it, if not well... read it anyway. It was a fairly short book and a very quick read. I was quite impressed at one point when he referenced an article from an Isreali journal, he said that it was only in the Hebrew version, that the english print didnt run the story. I was impressed with that level of research untill latter on he talked about majoring in Hebrew which explained the earlier reference. Another part that really amazed me was when he talked about his schooling, that he almost dropped out of school and that he was "probably majoring in handball at the time." He said that he has almost no formal training in any field, including linguistics. That is quite impressive that someone of Chomsky's status is almost entirely self taught. I suppose thats enough about Chomsky for the moment.
On to Howard Zinn and Terrorism and War, another interview book. I did not realise that was the style of this book when I bought it but I suppose that's why it came up as a related book to the Chomsky peice. This was another excellent book, although quite short. I read it in a single sitting which left me wanting more. Another brilliant attack on the foreign policys of the US which is creating a resivior of would be terrorist. The Orwellian ideas abound, the endless war, the idea that war is a nessesity to capitalism and that as long as our sole motivation in this country is profit we will always have war because there is simply to much profit to be made in preparing for war. I was supprised by how candidly he expressed his views against capitalism, now that the soviet union has collapsed it is far less dangerous to be labeled a communist but it can still be quite damaging to a career. Zinn is quite simply one of my favorite authors of this time.
Speaking of favorite authors I am still waiting for my Kurt Vonnegut book to arrive, I am all for supporting the independent bookstore but I ordered the book waited a while got bored orderd three books online and have finished reading two of them and the third I will probably only skim through and will be done with it soon. I want to support the little guy but she isnt making it easy for me.
Ok the last book im not done reading but I probably wont bother with a special post for it. It is called Unfit Commander, you can probably guess who it is about. Its a whole book about Bush's time in the National Guard, the author is quite repetative which is not terribly supprising when someone writes an entire book about a period of time in someone else's life that they dont want to talk much about and the paper trail is not all there. The bulk of the book actually is the paper trail of Bushs years in the National Guard. It is copies of all the paper work that has been released by the administration. So far the book is mildly interesting, although it is a good reference if you want to get into the debate about his military career. Although at this point I have much better reasons to dislike Bush rather than how well he did in the Guard as a young man. The one part of the book that is suppossed to be timely is a portion about Harriet Miers aand how she helped to get him out of trouble. This is the reason I bought the book and I havenot yet gotten to that part in the book. So maybe there will be some good stuff at the end of the reading. I hope so, maybe if the ending is really good ill do a quick addition to this post, we'll see.

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