Monday, October 24, 2005

Pharmicist refusing to fill persciption

Well This starts off as a good point about freedom OF religion is also freedom FROM religion. the second half of the post turns into a seriously depressed story about an addict from a Christian school. But the first half is interesting. About a pharmacist who refused to fill a prescription for an emergency contraceptive on moral grounds. That person should immediately be fired. What’s next Tom Cruise and his Scientologist start working at pharmacies and telling people that all meds are evil and not to take them. We wouldn’t stand for that, what’s the difference? If you act like a pompous ass and refuse service because you think your better than someone and your a Christian that’s ok? You can be any religion you want but don't try to push your convictions on me.
Ok apparently CVS is working on a clause to allow pharmacists to refuse service due to "deeply held religious beliefs." They probably have no problem dispensing Prozac to young kids. If a pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for Ritalin would that be allowed? how about refusing to dispense Viagra because you don’t like the image of old people having sex. Its along the same lines, if sex is only for procreation and sex for pleasure is hell worthy which is why abstinence is the only allowable contraceptive to these people, then by that token having sex after menopause is a hell worthy trespass as well. And there for Viagra and the others should be refused by those same pharmacists. Now maybe they do, maybe there are hard line Christians who can see that its a two way street, but I have yet to meet one. This is to bad, I have boycotted Wal-Mart for a few years now, one exception when I had to go to one to buy blunts but the irony made it almost acceptable. Now it looks like I might have to boycott Target as well, that’s to bad cause I always heard it was like a nicer version of Wal-Mart and they are going to build one near me soon. If they fire the pharmacist for refusing to do their job then I will support them, if they decide to support a person who may have caused this young woman to have to have an abortion instead of simply swallowing a pill, then I will never spend a single penny at any Target location. There is also the cruel irony of this pharmacist may have caused a person to need an abortion. Does that factor not register with them? I suppose they are still on the kick that we need to overpopulate the planet ever more. That the child of a single mother who is going to lose any chance at government help because the richest 1% need a 70 billion dollar tax break and are to concerned with profits to worry about the fact that that single mother cant afford to feed this child, and now she can't go to college because she needs to support a child before she was ready. So now she’s living in the back seat of her car with an unfinished college degree and a starving child while working two minimum wage jobs just so she can try to pay for health insurance and car insurance for a car that she cant drive unless she steals gas. The child will grow up on the streets cold and bitter at the world probably grow into a life of crime and drugs, and when he mugs the son of that Pharmacists to try to get a fix so he can escape from the hell that is his life, the pharmacist will blame the liberals for not putting him in jail years ago. Thanks Mr. pharmacist for keeping this a morally righteous country by stopping someone from using the morning after pill. Its a better world because of people like you.

The hypocrites are everywhere, save the country, Burn the liars.

Did I go to far with that little scenario at the end? Was it over the top? I wish it were an impossible tale, a story that was just a little to far fetched for a person living in the richest most powerful nation the world has ever seen. I wish it was impossible.

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