Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Campus Anti-War Network

New Link added,
Looks like a good site. Talks about a student protester that war assaulted maced then kicked off campus to lose both his education and his job. All without any do-process. This is supposed to be a democracy. Supposedly were fighting a war in Iraq to preserve democracy. We need to fight the war at home for democracy. The leaders of this nation are the greatest threat of all to American democracy. We want peace equality and freedom, who is more likely to take these from you a terrorist or your president? Well lets see we have never had peace for any substantial period of time, we have never know equality in any sense of the word. And freedom has been limited more and more every year since Washington was in office. Who is the enemy of Democracy? Terrorists? Im not scared of a terrorist, if they show up we will do what we can to stop them. They will not win, they cannot win therefore I have no fear of them. The people who rig elections, limit privacy, torture people without putting them before a court, people who can kill tens of thousands of innocent people and then say that they are trying to help those people, they scare the hell out of me. The leaders of this nation are the greatest threats to democracy that this world may have ever know. Communist could never have created the pervertion of Democracy that this country has all on its own.

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