Thursday, October 06, 2005

Al Gore
One hell of an article. Read It NOW!!
I wish all gore had won the election in 2000, oh wait he did. I wish the Supreme Court had appointed Al Gore President in 2000.
This is an amazing statement about how the media conglomerates are destroying democracy. Ill give a quick overview but please read the article, as Al Gore is a far more eloquent writer than I.
He states the when this nation was founded almost any literate person could be politically active. Printing presses were widely available and inexpensive enough that anyone of reasonable means could have their ideas printed. In this fashion the general public was educated about the world and politics. The best writers advanced to become famous; it made little difference if they were rich or poor.
With the advent of the radio and later television the individuals could no longer influence the News. The media suddenly held all the power. Once again read the article Al Gore gives a far more thorough analysis of how this all happened. It was not an over night shift but it has happened fairly rapidly. The media outlets are now simply divisions of huge corporations whose goals are profits. It is of no advantage to them to keep the people informed, it is to their advantage in most cases for the nation to be at war and for the people to but the products that the parent corporation sells. They have no desire for muckraking news, unless it can earn them profits.
The lack of public interaction in the news is going to be the downfall of our society in the coming years, how long it will take is anyone’s guess. Unless China buys our nation first. But why would they want all that debt?
Ok I got off on a tangent there and I haven’t even finished reading the article that I’m telling you to read.
The United State is proud to have the 27th freest press in the world. Yippy. That’s almost as bad as our education rankings. 27th freest press, maybe they should add an amendment to the constitution calling for a freedom of the press, oh wait ITS THE FIRST ONE!!!
He ends by saying that we must keep the Internet open, there must not be limitations placed on it. He says that the Internet at this moment is still not as powerful as TV but that it is improving.
Ok I need to go to a meeting for work,
Read this article.

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