Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Daily show tonight

Bill O'Rilley is going to be on the Daily Show tonight. Should be fun to watch. Its pretty sad that the only solid debate between liberals and conservatives will be on a comedy show. And it might end up not being much of a debate, O'Rilley usually just tells people that they are wrong and wont go any farther than that. But I can still hope for a good debate. And there is the big advantage of Bill not being able to turn off the other guys mike, we all know hes a big fan of that trick when debates dont go the way he likes. The other thing that always amusses me will be tomarrow when the liberal web sites will talk about making Bill look like a fool and then the conservative sites will say that Jon got his ass handed to him. I realise that everyone is bias, I know that I am, I try not to be but obviously Im going to watch with the hopes of seeing Jon make Bill look stupid. I have no reason not to admit, it I dislike Bill O'Rilley the few times Ive seen anything that he has to say it makes me sick. He made a comment one day about how unemployment was higher under Clinton at mid terms than with Bush. I took about two minutes to check the facts and while he wasn't lying he may have missed the point that unemployment was quite high when Clinton took office from Bush I and that it steadily declined durring his entire time in office. The unemploment then started to rise durring Bush's administration. While O'Rilley did not lie it is still an inacurate picture of the truth. It is things like that which make me dislike Bill O'Rilley. Oh well hopefully we'll get some entertainment out of this.

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