Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drilling in the nature preserves in Alaska

I heard last night on the news that they had passed the resolution allowing for Oil companies to drill in Alaskan Wildlife Sanctuaries. That is disgusting, they areso concerned about the profits of these companies that they will allow some of the last unspoiled wilderness left in this country to be exploited by the oil industry. How can we allow this, I know that the country has many major problems to worry about and so something like environmental protection easily falls to the way side. People will support it because they think it will cause gas prices to drop, but trying to build in the middle of an Alaskan park cannot be easy, Im sure it will take several years before they start producing, and even then why would they lower prices when keeping them inflated is making them so much money? This is a sad day for anyone who enjoys a walk through the woods.

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