Friday, October 28, 2005

Wal-Mart anit-bush photo

So in case you needed another reason not to go to Wal-Mart, here we go. Student is assigned a project to take pictures of their Bill of Rights rights. So for the first amendment he takes a photo of Bush tacs it on the wall and holds a thumbs down in front of it, and takes a picture. His only crime was that he then sent the photo to Wal-Mart to get it developed. when the photo developer saw the picture they called the cops the cops imediatly sent it to the Secret Service and the SS went to the school to question the student and the teacher. The student was not indicted on possible charges of exercising freedom of speech which carries a possible life sentence in this country.
This is a story that should be covered by the MSM but they wont, they dont believe in journalism anymore. then again freedom of the press is punishable by a minimum of 85 days in jail so I can understand there reasons.

If you want to respond to this teacher here is her homework site that has a link to her E-mail adress

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