Monday, October 17, 2005

good weekend

life is odd. One friend from college calls me up a week or so ago and asks if I want to go to a Danzig concert, then he says Doyle is going to be there. I really wanted to go but there was no way I could afford it right now. In case you dont know Danzig and Doyle are former members of one of my favorite bands, The Misfits. So it was hard to, but I had to say no to that one. I bet it was a great show.

Then another friend from college says that herself and another girl from school want to go the Corning Glass Museum. I thought it was slightly odd that they wanted to go to a museum that much but thats fine by me. They both plan on coming in late saturady and going to the museum on sunday morning. So this sounds like a good time.

Then yet another friend from college says that hes heading back to germany for a while and that hes going to hornell to see some college friends and asked if i wanted to go.

So the weekend ended up like this, friday a few of us went to a new blues bar in town. The food was excellent and the music was ok. two of the people had been before and said the music was better last time but there was a cover that time. oh well it was a cool place, kinda pricy for bar food in Elmira but the food was easily on par with any resturant in town so the price was resonable if you look at it that way. That was an early evening.
Saturday I went up to hornell and hung out with some of the guys from college drank some beers played some poker had a good time. I had to wake up at 8am so that I could get ready and head to corning and meet the girls and their boyfriends at the museum. I drove 45 minutes and was there before they even left to hotel. oh well the hotel was only like 10 minutes away. We toured the museum and went and saw the live glass blowing demonstration, that part is always amusing. Three of us then went to luch and to my Moms store on market street. The other two members of our crew werent feeling so well after a late night and went to their car and took a nap. The three of us went and had a nice lunch at the Market Street Brewing Company. My friend from school got a beer sampler and found out the lager is her favorite. she also found out that her boyfriend just likes beer and it doesnt really matter what type. We then went back to the museum and a few of the others got to make their own glass objects. one girl made a bead for a necklace, another girl made an ornament, and one of the guys made a flower. The flower was pretty cool actually and I would recomend that to anyone interested in doing there own peice. They all had to leave fairly early in the day, one of the girls had to work that evening. So I went to see my basketball crew. We eventualy made our way over to the basketball courts for a little while. I was happy to hear that the one young lady that ive mentioned before is doing very well in her classes, shes said all A's as of now. I knew she had potential. Then another friend called and I went over to a bonfire for a little while. It was really windy though. All in all a pretty good weekend.

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