Monday, October 17, 2005

unlikely activist

Here’s a company that is supporting freedom of expression in a very forward way. The company is an infamous internet t-shirt company that produces some amazingly harsh social and racial commentary. Are most of the shirts offensive, yes, but many of them are also hilarious. This is a company that has been embraced by many magazines and celebrities and has been viscously attacked by opponents, i.e. people lacking humor. Oh and when I say attacked I don’t just mean simple death threats I mean one person actually poisoned the owner of the company at a party. These were death threats that someone followed through on. Oh in case you’re not into the offensive internet t-shirts the company I’m talking about is
The activist side that this came from is that the company saw the person who got kicked off a commercial airliner for wearing an offensive shirt. I will say that this is not really a constitutional issue about free speech because the airplane is private property and so the airline does have that right.
So T-shirthell has announced that if any of their customers are refused a seat on an airline then they, T-shirt Hell will provide them with transportation. Oh and they aren’t talking about a bus ticket either. They said that if available they would use their own corporate jet and try to get the person where they were going on the same day.
I’m sure that it is mostly a publicity stunt, If you haven’t seen their shirts, lets say their are a few that probably should get you kicked off an airplane. They probably assume that some else will get kicked off a plane, they will send a jet to pick the person up and some level of media will pickup on it. Not a bad plan from their side. They say that there doing this to protect freedom of expression, which I’m sure is true to an extent and for those reasons its pretty cool. And its nice to see a company that feels that strongly about there product.
So go buy a t-shirt and offend someone today.

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