Friday, October 28, 2005

what a job

Ok Im actually swamped at work right now, but Im doing a lot of mind dumbingly boring data entry right now so I have to stop from time to time and write some shit. This office is amazing, I live in a pretty conservative town and the office is in one of the rougher ghettos in town, its a fairly small town, like 35 thousand people and yet this office is habitated by a very liberal group. I suppose it makes sence because it is a human resouces type place, these people are all here because they want to help others, and thats a pretty liberal concept in itself.
Of course the counter to that is that Im trying to find an apartment and the only person I know that is also going to be looking for one is my arch-conservative friend. It will make for interesting conversations at the new place if we move in together. Hes an old friend and im sure something as trivial as dispising everything that the other stands for wont get in the way of our friend ship, or cause akward moments. Should be fun.

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