Thursday, March 23, 2006

been a while

Ok Ive been slaking lately, this is my first post in a week, damn, im not sure Ive done this bad since I started this thing. oh well.

Well lets see, Russ Feingold was on the Daily show Aka: the only thing I miss about TV.

Feingold: I was taught that the congress makes the laws and the president is supposed to sign them and enforce them. He's not supposed to make them up.---How many times are we going to let George Bush and Dick Cheney say you guys don't support the troops, you're not patriotic and let them push us around?

Seriously Its about time that someone with a little power saw the light. We can't allow their attacks to disuade us. There are those who will follow the repubs like lemmings off a cliff that will beleive the lies they say about us, well who gives a shit? they werent going to vote for you anyway. the majority of people now distrust the republicans so why be so afraid of their words? We can simply show whats has happened while they had control, admit that the dems did not fight hard enought before but they want to aplogize for their mistakes and are ready now. Personally I dispise the Republicans but the Dems are only slightly better and unless a few more start growing spines then im just going to declare them a lost cause and go fully Green Party.

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leo said...

Don't you get tired of standing in your own piss!