Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want to be in Congress

St. Patrick's Day is one of may favorite holidays. Ok ill admit that this is in no small part due to my fondness for beer, particularly the black stuff from Ireland. But its also just a great holiday there no sadness with it, if you have a big Irish family like me then you hangout with them and have a great time. If you dont have any family, its a holiday where its perfectly acceptable, and actually encouraged, to just go to a bar with whoever and get trashed. Whats not to love? and its totally inclusive, sure the irish love it the most but, everybodys irish on St. Patrick's day. Seriously what other holiday goes out of its way to bring people together of any orgins and beliefs, ok sure some of the parades wont let gays march but give it time, and if ill drink a guinness with you no matter what ethnic or social or religious or sexual orientation or whatever ill drink with ya. So the point of this is that I love St. Patrick's day, but I dont get out of work for it and thats fine its an evening holiday. Congress on the other hand, they take off for a week, a fucking week. no wonder this country is fucked.

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leo said...

If we put you in congress the world will be safe. for terrorist