Monday, March 27, 2006

childs additude predicting polical ideology?

Now Ive heard about This Report from several sources and I cant wait to get home and try to find the original study. This was the study done in berkley california that showed that the whiny insecure children were more likely to become conservative adults and the strong willed head strong kids became liberals.
I am a Research Assistant by trade at the moment, ok ist one of a half dozen jobs I do here at work, and so im particularly interested in how they conducted the study. The other important factor is that with an N of only 95 students then it was most likely a very softly worded report, its the subltety of the language that was most likely changed when it was reported in the press. A psychologist is very careful not to use words like causes or anything that might make it sound like a concrete connection, they speak in terms like prediction and may contribute to. Trust me on this as I was quizing my friend on the 6 hour drive down to baltimore last weekend for our first conference. So hopefully i will find the original and learn a little more about the study. Oh and as the original researcher noted liberal berkley is not exactly the norm for america, although I wish it was.

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