Monday, March 27, 2006

oh shit, scalia

there was a whole lot more important part of the encouter than an old man flippin the bird, when that old guy happens to be a supreme court justice and says that detaines are combatants and therefore have no rights, Thats a big deal. These so called leaders have shit on our constitution and i have no idea what we are goin to do about it. Id have to go look up if its even possible to have a supreme court judge removed from office, I can guess that it would take at least a 2/3 majority and obviously thats not going to happen anytime soon, hell we cant get more than a couple of dems to try to censure a president whos been wontonly breaking laws for the last 4 years I doubt we would ever get that through, hmm... could always go pat robertson on him and see if someone would assainate him, but im not going to sink to the level of an evangelical.

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