Monday, April 17, 2006

Coke in Columbia (not the white stuff but still breaking laws)

The Nation
Im glad i prefer pepsi er actually mt.dew although ill take a Jones over any of those if its an option, I should cut down on the soda anyway.

Coca-cola is being attacked again, I had heard about they destroying the water suppply of an area in india. But this one is new to me, using the paramillitary to kill union leaders and workers in columbia. Ok im pretty anti-union but thats rather extreme, now before anyone goes off thinking this is because its Columbia just remeber that we did things like that here to its just been a while, look up the Ludlow Massacre. Of course haveing modern technology (or at least more modern than the 1890's) they have killed a whole lot more people than typically happened here but the concept is the same.
So one more good reason not to drink coke, along with the health issues.

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