Monday, April 17, 2006

Mutiny, garrr walk the plank captain

Buzzflash Editorial
im not sure how I feel about a fullscale millitary coup. I mean for very obvious reasons I would normally be very agianst tanks rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue but right the Generals have given me more faith than the president. Of course martial law has never looked like a much fun. I would make it easy to come up with some good punk songs but thats not reason enough to overthrow the government. It will be a little while cause at the moment its only the retired brass thats actually stood up agaisnt the administration and I just cant picture retired officers rolling through the capital... actually i can and its kind of an ammusing site, some take going like 4 mph with its turn signal on weaving down the running over parked cars without noticing while pops shouts about these crazy young kids these days. As much as I hate Bush im not sure that I want a millitary coup either, how can we do a civilian coup but with the millitary on our side cause I dont like getting shot.

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