Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eric Massa

So I finally got to meet Eric Massa at a public forum type of thing at the local library. I think over all he could be very good for the area and the country. I guess thats quite a compliment so first I should say this, Im sorta set-up to be working for Eric's campaign. er, volunteering that is. So I should admit that I has listening to him through Rosy ears. But not entirely, I have a pretty strict set of standards when it comes to politicans. There is one major issue that arises. Hes a democrat and therefore pro-union. The unions worked very hard to destroy my father, and they were able to take alot, more than you can imagine... so there is some very deep anger at unions in general which is close to a stereo type but its not because it not a person its an orginization. and its a fundametal issue with unions in that they create an additional section of people who get paid from your work. some of them making way way to much money at the top.
So thats all ill say about that. I liked how he answered questions, he didnt avoid issues he answered them with absolute confidence and very reasonable arguments for his reasons which is why i can respect some of his views which I disagree with. He killed the question of Iran, oh yes indeed he got that one. First he framed the question by saying that for several years while in the navy he was stationed 13 miles off the coast of iran (international waters is at 12 miles) and that he knows the available options quite well. and he said soundly, there is No military option in Iran. This needs to be stetled by diplomocy. He is very concerend with balancing the budget and health care, universal is what was strongly imlpyed but now thinking back I cant remeber if he ever used those words. He also wants to get the troops out of iraq. he is willing to cut the military budget in order to blance the budget, but not untill the troops are home. which is perfectly understandable, although theres deffinatly things that could be cut that have nothing to do with the troops but at this point if it means we get the troops out quicker thats the important thing. He also had also done well with my alternative energy question by not saying hydrogen. and actually he mentioned a switchblade grass or something that they are finding to be more efficient than corn to make ethonol out of. which i need to look into.
Theres more i want to say about this but im tired and im going to bed
and im heading out of town for work, ill be back wednesday night, so untill i get up early tomarrow this is porbably the last post for a couple of days. peace everybody, and dont cry while im gone, ill be back i promise.

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