Friday, April 21, 2006

international incident

so bush is now picking a fight with the chinesse president, not like a war just an old school street fight rumble. no weapons and no one jumps in, just one on one ass kicking time.
The President tugged at President Hu Jintao's jacket and accidentially ripped the sleave revealing that it was a cheap (probably chinesse) jacket not the very expensive italian suit it appeared to be. Theres a supprising number of levels to this basicly minor incident. Bush was simply trying to let Jintao know that he was going the wrong way so he grabbed his arm. perfectly innocent move. sleave ripps, well obviously the owner of the suit is annoyed. then theres the fact that it showed that it was a cheap knock-off vs bush who was probably wearing a real five thousand dollar italian suit. But then theres this part that it made me think of. Our President spends thousands of dollars on a suit from a foreign country, there President spend much much less on an admittidly inferior suit thats from his own country, so not only is he saving his people money but he is also supporting his country. Now before you tell me that Bush bought it with his own money, it could be it doesnt change the point any, I dont care. Its not an insult towards bush to say he wears nice suits, most people as rich as he is do wear very nice suits, its simply a compliment towards Hu Jintao. who was probaly pissed off anyway because he had his suit ripped while being hekled by a protestor all the while he was probably thinking. You americans think your so great, give me 15 more years and ill own everyone of your asses, hahahaha.
unfortuntely hes right.


CA said...

Where did you get the information Bushs' suit is an expensive Italian suit? Or are you just fantasizing again? Or do you mean the Ltalian section of Walmart? If that's it, then Bushs' suit, also, was made in China!

Kilgore Trout said...

Bush is a millionare many many times over, So i GUESSED that his is an expensive suit. Had you finished reading that whopper of a post you would realize that I never once claimed to know for sure of the origins of the suit, and more importantly that it was in no way an attack on Bush which i realize is rare for me. and as for wal-mart i fully realize that almost everything in wal-mart is made in China or a third world nation this one of the reasons why I have boycotted wal-mart for the last 4 years or so.

I love to recieve comments but please at least read the entire article first, er well some or mine make no sence at all and ramble ecesively... but you get the idea.