Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I was wrong

everything ive ever said about hatred and tolerance and generalizations was bullshit because some peice of shit just reminded me that there is one group of people that I dispise. people who use chewing tobacco. I hate them. Im not going to appologize for my hatred that is quite simply the nastiest most vile dispicable thing a person could possible do, i will eat the boogers out of someone elses nose before I would chew tobbacco. and then these bastards walk around with a bottle or a cup and spit this putrid waste into it and then seem annoyed that im grossed out. well fuck that. its disgusting and its a choice you one day said I love nicotine so much that I am going to chew on this ground up processed leaf, just for fun, then im going to spit it on the ground, which is one case were i firmly believe in capital punishment and possibly cruel and unusual punishment. this whole thing is because i had a few people over one day now i have a firm rule that there is no cigarettes in my place I have a lot of friends who smoke so i let them use my porch or the hallway that leads to my apt. which was because in the winter i didnt want to make people stand outside. so i see this fucker about to break out some chew, and I said hell no. im not having that shit in my place. so what i didnt know that i do now is that he or someone else had already had some, i figured this out when i went to empty out the mostly empty beers and found one that had a vile brown substance other than beer in it. If he ever shows up agian ill make his ass eat an entire tin of fucking chew then boot that bitch outta here let em stubble home puking. that should tell you something, dont put something in your mouth and chew on it if you know that you will puke if you swallow it. that means its bad for you, you stupid ignorant redneck imbred honkey tonk country loving asshole.

Ok thats enough about that, but seriously that shit is nasty.

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