Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a lady

dont get to excited.
Met a really chill girl over the weekend, shes cute as hell but more importantly intelligent and quite interesting. oh and if the lady im talking about is reading this, well hi! and read the whole thing before making any judgements, thx. So I met a real fun interesting person who happens to be really cute but in a sorta exotic way and even single so of course theres a catch. I found out after the fact that shes only 18 and still in highschool, so that ruins any sorta romantic intents, oh well. But then i was talkin with her online last night and we had a pretty cool conversation, shes into politics and the world situation. then she made a statement that simlpy melted my heart, "at heart i think im a socialist". (yes im a dork) It was over, i suddenly think there is a god and hes playing a very cruel trick on me. He send me a lady thats pretty well perfect for me, but he made her about 2 years late, just to piss me off. oh well, i think we're going to hang out ive got a couple of movies that I think she would really like. such as the corporation, which if i didnt do a review of this before then i should have cause its fantastic. So any way i wish she was a little older but shes not so whatever we can still be friends and have indepth conversations and probably some stupid ass good times too, cause you cant be serious all the time. oh and shes a total health nut she says which is great cause I am anything but, and there is not a better motivator than a beautiful woman, even if shes just a friend. and she is graduating soon and then i can say shes in college which would be a lot less weird... so maybe theres hope for something more but im not going to worry about it either way. oh and she did mention there was a guy she liked and there was a little drama there so i gave her a little advice, because for some reason i can give people advice on relationships and it often works I just cant seem to establish one myself. oh well, Im just excited because its one more interesting and intellegent person for me to hang out with.

P.S. if that sounds creepy then dont worry about it, this site is very cathartic for me I just let it all out without the normal social constraints, just take everything i have said as an increadibly sincere compliment which is a rare thing from some one who prefers sarcasim. ok i gtg, peace.

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