Monday, April 10, 2006

lets nuke iran

So we are trying to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, and were going to stamp out the threat of nukes by hitting their nuclears sites with bunker busting tactical nukes. Does our adminisration have no sence of irony whatsoever? here frist read this from the New Yorker and then read this Terrorist Strategy and youll quickly realize that attacking Iran may very well lead Bin Laden to NOT attack us. Ok read that again, attacking Iran may prevent another terrorist attack, at least for a while. This is because we will already be doin exactly what Bin Laden wants so why bother with another attack? Hes getting what he wants as it is. So if you read that stratagy guide and i think you should, then you would know that the worse thing we could do right now would be to talk out an agreement with Iran, and set goals for a pull out of Iraq, all while treating these other nations with the same level of respect we would give to England or any other ally. Of course if we did that then Bin Laden would probably attempt another major attack to try to get us back into another war. So then the key would be to actually respond to warnings, keep our eyes and ears open and try like hell to prevent an attack, now lets play the pessimist and assume that the greatest intelligence gathering power the world has ever known cant stop the guy in the cave, then what. well that means we got attacked again, so now what. thousands of people are dead again, and everyone is screaming see what happens when we stop attacking them, thn they think they can attack us. This is going to be the very very hard part, this is when we must remain calm. This would be a good time to work really hard to find Bin Laden track him down send in a few seals and take him out. But do not fight another war, this only helps the terrorists toredicalize their own people while weakening the US both militarily and economicly. We must stop helping the terrorists, we must end the war. And for the love of god dont nuke Iran, are they insane?????

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