Monday, April 10, 2006

Delay's Balls

must be huge!
Think about it youve already been indicted your about to throw in the towel on the next race and so you ask for campiagn contributions in order to pay for your mounting legal fees. And when those supporters finally realize whats happened and say hey I want my money back cause thats not what I had paid for you proudly tell them to suck on one or two of those powerfull nuts. What a country. Of course If your stupid enough to give money to indicted felon then I about as much pity as I have for highdiver who knows theres no water in the pool. And if they go broke throwing their money away on republicans then at least they can be proud that all of our national safeguards to keep you out of the gutter have been repealed by those same republicans. But youre heart will be warm as you die of exposure knowing that you helped ensure sure that no man married another man....

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