Thursday, April 06, 2006

Theories of Conspiracy

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but I watched a movie last night that really amazed me. Now I first want to say that I need to watch this again as I wasn’t feeling my best and maybe I was more susceptible to speculation than usual, I also need to take it over to a friends house and make them watch and see if they think its as crazy I do. The video was called 9/11 Conspiracy –In Plane Sight-, it floored me. We have all heard the one about the Pentagon and how it was a missile and not a plane that struck it. They always said well why weren’t there any pieces of the plane on the lawn? That was never much of point for me because I don’t remember seeing and bits of plane on the ground in NYC either, the plane was in the building. But then they showed photos and live video from the day it happened and I have to say, it didn’t seem like there was a hole the size of an airplane. They did keep showing the plane as if it was flying in straight and level and in reality they would have been diving at the base of the building which might be able to explain why the hole was not the expected shape. There was the point about the fire though. The trade center burned for a long time due to all of the jet fuel, and yet the pictures of the Pentagon showed almost no fire damage other than soot. They also asked where all of the surveillance camera footage was. It’s the Pentagon; they have a few cameras around. And only one video has ever been released and it seems to show a missile hitting the Pentagon. It then gets into much bigger and crazier theories along with varying levels of proof. It’s a good video because it keeps using well-known footage and simply points out things that I had never even looked for before. There is a video of a huge plume of dust rising up from ground level at the trade center, but both buildings are still standing. I don’t want to be that guy who believes in all the crazy stories but then again after everything that has happened since 9/11 is there anything left that you think Bush isn’t capable of doing, other than success?

Im not sure if this video is available to buy anywhere, if it is i will probably buy it. I illegally downloaded it. oh and very quickly that is my stance on downloading things. If it's good and ive got an extra buck then i will buy the cd or dvd, its like testdriving a car. so if i find where i can buy the video ill let you know.

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