Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what a day

today kinda sucked for me, but thats enought about that lets get to the good shit.

Im in a good mood cause im figuring out what tunes to put on my own little political punk mix im about to burn.
We got Nofx bad religion some descendents dead kennedys makes an appearance as do primus and suicidal tendencies, some system of a down and some green day bit of propagandhi and a shit load of anti-flag. So that has me in a good mood but now its ended..

Descendents 'merican is a great song, its fast but not hardcore at all so its a good starter to political punk and im a huge NOFX fan, a bit angrier and almost solely political is anti-flag, and seeing as i want to be able to listen to this at the office im not goin much further than that. one dead kennedys song did make it on.

So when i get home i hop on crooks and liars and see how the world doin... oh the grin hasnt left my face in an hour. so where should i start....

45% think that bush should be censured? how can I not smirk when I see that. I realize it not even a majority but were in the right directions.oh and 55% of americans plan to vote democrat for their house rep. ha.
C & L

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