Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Call Bush (Sr. that is)

From Common Dreams

As Lil' Bush is poised to send our already streched thin national guard to the border we should be reminded of what his father told then nation years ago.

His dad seemed to have understood that when he told the United Nations in
1992, "In the face of today's changes, with the loss of so much that was
familiar and predictable, there is now a great temptation for people everywhere
to turn inward and to build walls around themselves: walls against trade, walls
against people, walls against ideas and investment, walls against anything
that appears new and different. As the Berlin Wall fell, these walls, too,
must fall. They must fall because we cannot separate our fate from that of
others. Our peace is so interconnected, our security so intertwined, our
prosperity so interdependent that to turn inward and retreat from the world is
to invite disaster and defeat."

Thats just too fitting...

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