Thursday, May 18, 2006

wow im way behind

that last one was my first post in almost a week, damn. well Ive been real busy at work and at home I had decided to buy a paintball gun so I spent a lot of time deciding what would be the best option in my price range. yeah only played paintball once but im hooked i really want to go shoot my friends. I also find it interesting that a lot of the people on the forum are like hardcore christains that love to shoot eachother. I suppose we liberals are the more non-violent type so a war type game evne if its safe might not appeal as often. it just seems funny that devout christians and hunting ppl seems to go together so well or many it shouldnt.

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Scott said...

Look at our current Administration. The Republican party is full of fundamental christians always touting their belief's superiority and morality. And it is these people who have lead us to invade foreign lands for profit, conduct torture, spy on private citizens, increase racial predjudices towards immigrants and increase pressure against gay rights advocates. They're also pro death sentence but anti-abortion; perplexing there.

I see Christianity as a very intolerant and violent belief system. Even their main image is one of torture; Christ on the cross.

So I'm not surprised you find your christian friends so violent in the paintball's in their nature, and plus...whatever they do they're "covered" because they're "forgiven".

Makes me sick.

Keep them away from me.