Saturday, May 06, 2006

I want to go

I want to move south and fight. I want to help organize the exploited of this nation I want people to realize that is the fight its the exploited vs the exploiters this should not be a battle between races or genders. This should not even be a battle between the left and the right what we need is an overthrow of the exploiters. What the world needs is a true class war, we need to destroy the structure of the elite. the best model that I have seen yet seems to be the latin revolutions in Venezuela and Bolivia some may deem the term revolution a bit strong as both were simply elected changes, but that does that mean it was not revolutionary? Revolution can be masive change useing the exsisting system, sure its harder to get the same degree of change and it may take a bit longer but its far less deadly and makes it exponentially more difficult for outside pressure to try to overthrow the revolutionaries because they follwed the rules. This is my dream, not just a few different rich white men getting elected into office that are somewhat less corupt or at least arent as flagrently corupt. Thats a lame excuse for progress. I want real change I want minoritys to make up an appropriate percentage of congress. I want our leaders to reflect our population because the majority of our nation is NOT lawyers. We need people with common sence and a willingness to fight for that which is right. Ok tihis got off topic very quickly because the sad truth is I simply dont have the resources to move right now, Im broke. If I can figure out a way to make this work then I may still become what Ive often dreamed of being. I want to head to where the action is no matter where that might be. I want to stand in front of crowds and scream the fury that we are feeling. I want Anti-Flag, Propagandhi, the Coup and others to be at my rallys I want this to infuse all elements of those of us who feel like we have lost our say in the ways of this government for, by, and of the government. The question of how we lost control is a mute point at this time, we must always study our pasts so we do not head down the same path of corruption as those we are trying to overthrow. Now is the time for action.

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