Saturday, May 06, 2006

Race War?

We have growing signs of a race war to begin in America. The issue of immagration documented and other wise has taken a disturbing turn. It started as peacefull protests but when the opposition realized that whey couldnt stand a chance on a moral or religious stance they went for good ol' nationalistic hate. The inferior mind usually resorts to violence, I need to other example than our current dictator.. i mean president. So if this does become an epic struggle than let us not allow our fellow man stand up to this hatred alone. They have show the left how a protest is supposed to work. This is grassroots activism at its finest. So my call is that if this is going to be the rallying point for the left than so be it. If this turns to violence then I will be that staring back at the white men that I will never call brothers while surrounded by people of every race gender education and orientaion. Then it becomes the struggle that we need. We need a united front this can be that front. We need every sliver of the left to come together to fight against the right which i think we can agree has shown to be far better organized in general. We can over come this ideology of hate. We must call them out for what they are, they are preachers of hate bigotry and violence. and these are not american ideals, these are not christian ideals, these are hardly ideals at all. Some onemade this comment the other day that stuck with me. I cant wait till the day when whites are no longer the majority in this country. Its a simple statement, and at present it is an inevitablity. Imagine a USA with a latino president, a bi-lingual nation, government run by latinos and blacks and imagine even muslims in office? of course there will still be whites too, we aren't gone were just suddenly far more apt to stick up for minority rights. This is a cause I will fight for, i will not risk my life for the sake of a few greedy bastards trying to make money on the suffering of others, but that does not mean there is nothing worth dying for. For I would rather be dead than live in a land where such bigotry and ignorance is condoned. I will not go quietly into the night. I will not surrender.

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