Saturday, May 06, 2006

Virgins Only Dances (if you don't count anal)

Its pretty tough to get your groove on while wearing a chastity belt anyway. Ok you gotta check out this link, Truth Dig: Charity Ball. Seriously the looks on those girls faces is priceless, look at those great scowls. They look pissed that they got dragged there and now there fathers are preaching some shit to them in the middle of a dance, and just to top it off the media showed up to humliate 'em a little more. But right after the pic the DJ spun up the new pussycat dolls song and them girls got freaky on the dance floor. Just nasty shit. I wouldnt be suprised in the least if many of them end up pregnant in highschool after having sex out of spite. And they got pregnant because their parents never told them the importance of condoms, you know that speech, "dont be a fool, wrap your tool" or the lovely, "seriously you dont want no shlong diseases." But no these parents think that forced abstinence is the best policy, apparently forgetting the staple though process of adolecence which goes something like this. Well my friends are having sex or trying to, and my parents say its a sin, so its probably a whole lot of fun and even if its not it will prove my parents wrong for trying to tell me how to run my life, im in highschool, im an adult and ill do what i want. Im not saying its a good stratgy for the kids im just saying how they thing or at least the ones that I knew. So anyway I really hope they dont become children with children because I wont wish an unwanted pregnancy on anyone but it would be a cruel irony if it happens.

P.S. Its early and im simple but theres something kind of funny about a virgin only dance thats called a Ball, hehe. told ya i was simple. Imagine the little girl whos father signs her up for the dance and she looks at him and says, um i dont think they'd let me in.....

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